Nearly every industry has seen a surge in marketing activity in recent years. With the increased competition every company faces comes the growing importance of marketing, branding, and positioning strategy—now critical elements of success. Businesses that don't prioritize these factors are likely to be left behind.

With the marketing landscape evolving at a rapid pace and the avenues to target and reach consumers continuing to expand, CMOs are now more important than ever.

This focus on marketing, however, means that a CMO's performance is increasingly under the microscope. And though the role of a CMO has traditionally been viewed as a creative one, it is becoming increasingly tied to the company's financial results.

All that means that CMOs, like any member of the C-suite, need allies and alignment to succeed.

Recent Findings About CMOs and CFOs

This spring, Active International, the largest global independent corporate trade company, commissioned a survey [email required] among CMOs and CFOs to ask questions about their dynamic in the workplace.

The findings reveal where the counterparts agree and disagree, and paves the way for substantiated advice on how CMOs can work with their CFOs most effectively to drive results.

Here's a look at findings from the survey.

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image of Jim Porçarelli

Jim Porçarelli is chief strategy officer at Active International.

LinkedIn: Jim Porçarelli