Marketers often get preoccupied by trying to track their direct return on investment for social spend. How much does each "like" cost? How much in sales will each "like" bring in?

Those are the wrong questions to ask.

Social spend for marketers has ROI that far exceeds the number of "likes" a brand acquires.

Based on my experience with major national brands, trying to use social as a direct response channel or only to drive one specific action leaves a lot of business intelligence value on the table.

To really add value to your social brand, you should be asking yourself the following questions.

1. What am I trying to accomplish as a social brand?

It's time to realize that the number of fans or followers on a page has nothing to do with the value of that brand's page.

If a user likes your page and never looks at it again, it's a lose/lose for both the user and your brand.

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image of Lance Neuhauser

Lance Neuhauser is CEO of 4C, a Big Data analytics and social intelligence company offering advertising and measurement platforms.

Twitter: Lance Neuhauser