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Companies often come late to the rebranding process.

Sales may not be up to expectations or growth has slowed. Often, companies tweak their advertising messages or change agencies.

They rarely work on their brand.

Moreover, what we've found surprising based on our experience is that...

  • 85% of branding work does not include a name change.
  • 50% of the time the logo remains unchanged.

If the name and logo—what most marketers consider the foundation of their branding strategy—remain unchanged, what on Earth does the rebranding process entail?

The Rebranding Process

First, it entails discovering what the cause of the slippage in growth or preference really is. You would be surprised how often companies invest in marketing solutions that never address the underlying market space.

So, let's look at rebranding as the science of persuasion it is. After all, the only reason to do it is to persuade prospects to change their minds and prefer whatever it is you are selling. If you embark on this process for any other reason, you are just wasting your money.

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image of Tom Dougherty

Tom Dougherty is CEO and president of StealingShare, a branding company.

LinkedIn: Tom Dougherty