I'm ashamed to admit that I've been shying away from Google+ for far too long. Despite my SEO-crazed friends begging me to become an active user, I just didn't want "the hassle" of using yet another social network.

However, with around an eighth of the users that Facebook has, Google+ is rapidly expanding its popularity. Praised typically for the benefits it can provide to one's search rankings, this underused social network is the future of social media, especially for businesses.

Though Google+ still has some convincing to do to attract those 700 million Facebook users, its lighter, more life-like feel is gaining the approval of the masses every day.

So, allow me to convince you that Google+ is worth your company's time.

Google+ is the new nothing because Google just is

Let's be honest... Google kind of controls the Internet. Moreover, Facebook has become more and more irritating to users over the years, with its incessant advertisements, updates about people we stopped caring about back when we had Friendster, and constant demands for you to meet "Hot Singles!" in your area. Am I right or am I right?

Google+ streamlines the social media experience, letting you put people in different "circles," kind of like real life. I mean, you wouldn't send that hilarious meme to everyone who works in your company, would you? (Maybe you would. I don't know how cool your workplace is.)

Circles let you easily decide what groups of people you interact and share with, making it less likely that your boss will see that picture of your job interview outfit when you were off sick Tuesday.

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