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Many companies struggle with measuring the impact of email on their organizations. As a result, email is becoming an undervalued tool in most marketers' arsenals.

One of the most effective ways that marketers can showcase the true benefits of a strategic email marketing campaign is by measuring and presenting the effects of an email, even when there was no open or click. This is called the halo effect.

First, however, it's important to understand the most common attribution models (that figure how sales and conversion are determined) email marketers are using. Typically, the model is a combination of the following three factors:

  1. Types of action—Will you focus on emails sent, opened, or clicked through?
  2. Time frame—Are you measuring actions within days, weeks, or months from the action
  3. Order of touch—What's the order of touch, such as interacting with the first email sent, last touch, or any interaction at all?

Most email marketers will choose the combination that works best for their business, typically in relation to its sales cycle, but the popular approach is to focus on tracking conversions via click.

What Does a Click Tell You?

The truth is a click doesn't necessarily tell a marketer anything.

Not everyone who clicks through from an email will go to the website and make a purchase. A click also doesn't account for the likelihood the receiver might be prompted by the email to purchase something from another channel at a later date.

Evidence from the UK DMA's 2013 Consumer Tracking report showed that 23% of respondents mentioned "visiting the company’s website via another route" as a likely response to an interesting email. A quarter (25%) said a likely response would be "visiting a shop or retail outlet."

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Dela Quist is CEO of Alchemy Worx, digital marketing agency dedicatedsolely to email. With offices in Atlanta and London, Alchemy Worx has a diverse client portfolio that includes Getty Images, Hilton, and Sony Playstation.

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