Though questions remain about how to define native advertising and use it to reach the right audience, most B2B marketers agree on native advertising's importance, especially as it is replacing traditional advertising.

Defining Native Advertising

Native advertising can be best described as a form of paid media that seamlessly integrates with the form and function of a site to contribute value to the user experience.

Need an example of native advertising? Imagine online ads about the latest in faucet technology running alongside a how-to article about fixing a leaky faucet. You also may see ads for your local home improvement store or handyman beside the article.

Though native advertising now is used by the biggest consumer brands in the world, B2B marketers also have realized that they can use native advertising effectively.

B2B marketers can no longer rely solely on traditional ads.

What About Banner Ads?

In just a few years, banner ads have become ineffective; audiences have been conditioned to tune them out. The efficacy of traditional Internet display advertising, such as banners and pop-up ads, has become almost nonexistent, according to Solve Media.

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image of Helen Grimshaw

Helen Grimshaw is senior vice-president of B2B sales at NTENT, a semantic search technology company delivering cross-channel advertising and content monetization experiences.

LinkedIn: Helen Grimshaw