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Most B2B marketing videos do not support the buyer's journey because the videos are product-centric. They accompany product introductions, reside on product pages, and are featured in product promotions. Most B2B videos are designed for the awareness phase of the buyer's journey—(e.g., "Introducing Cloud Security 3.0").

These overview "explainer" videos are useful. Customers, prospects, marketers, and salespeople all like short videos that explain what something does when that product or service is new to them. My company has made hundreds of product introduction videos.

Product-centric videos—by themselves—do not support the buyer's journey, however!

Why not?

1. A product-oriented explainer or demo video by itself will not create that crucial shift in perspective that transforms a viewer into a potential customer

To get to the product information quickly and to get it all in, videos need to set up the problem quickly, assuming the viewer knows about the problem you solve. That's OK for a product overview, but not if you're trying to change how someone sees a problem. And if a prospect doesn't see that he or he has a problem or challenge you say you can solve, you will not move the prospect forward in the buyer's journey.

2. Today's buyers are largely educating themselves about your solution's applicability

When a prospect already knows what your product or solution is for, it needs no introduction. Much of your one-size-fits-all product introduction will be stuff the view already knows. And online video viewers are impatient.

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image of Bruce McKenzie

Bruce McKenzie is a principal at 2-Minute Explainer and founding partner of Business Information Graphics. He is a B2B video expert who creates explainer videos that increase sales and shorten the selling cycle. He has created videos for IBM, Oracle, Compuware, BMC, TIBCO, and others.

LinkedIn: Bruce McKenzie