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Right now just about everyone is fired up about the midterm elections as voters across the US will get to have their say and voice their political opinions. It's a time of change and a time of opportunity—which means it's also a great chance to feed off the energy and assess your brand's content strategy.

So on this election day, ask yourself whether your content accurately reflects your brand's image and sends the right message to your customers. Should you keep going in the same direction? Or is it time to overhaul your current strategy in favor of a new one?

Here are some ways you can assess whether your content is hitting the mark.

1. Take a poll

Politicians constantly use polls to assess public opinion and gauge voters' level of support. And you should use this tactic for your content, too. Surveys can be used to ask customers what type of content they want to see from you and to gauge whether your website and social media are performing as well as they could. Some websites can even generate revenue for your business for each question answered.

Offer fun or useful incentives when inviting your customers to take a survey. If a customer takes the time to provide you with valuable feedback, try giving them access to a piece of gated content or temporary access to a restricted part of your website. Send a T-shirt or a small gift. Your customers will reward you with better feedback and increased loyalty.

2. Engage your readers in the conversation

One of the biggest problems in politics today is that there is a big divide between politicians and constituents. Voters often stay home on Election Day instead of participating because they feel like their opinions aren't always heard. Your customers also might feel like they aren't always heard.

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Susan Levand is a senior product marketing manager at InterCall, a conferencing provider.

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