The ad-free social media platform Ello experienced a meteoric rise in popularity a few months ago but is now being declared dead and a growing social network by different news sources.

So, should you have an Ello marketing strategy? (After all, it can be hard to determine which camp is right: the Ello supporters or its detractors.)

Before making such a decision, you first need to answer the following questions.

1. Is my audience on Ello?

At the time of writing, you need an invitation to create an account on Ello, meaning that the number of users—and therefore audience—is currently quite limited. In addition, there is no data about who is currently using the platform, so anything you read about Ello's audience can only be guesswork.

However, a general consensus leads us to believe that their audience is mostly made up of early adopters, social media-savvy individuals, and those who have shunned the current paid advertising regime that exists on other social platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook.

This limited audience means that many small business marketers may find that their target audience only exists in small, sporadic groups on Ello. As a result, you may find it more efficient to focus your social marketing efforts on existing platforms like Twitter, where there are still over 200 million people to reach.

2. Can my content make a difference without sharing?

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image of James McAllister

James McAllister is an online content creator for Make It Cheaper, a UK SME energy broker.

Twitter: @JaMacca01