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You know you need a team that has the right balance of skills, creativity, drive, and experience to make the most of the latest digital marketing tools, data, and strategies.

But putting together that team can be challenging.

The rapidly evolving nature of digital marketing means that new tactics are becoming available all the time. Unfortunately, people with the right skills and expertise can be in short supply.

To create a digital marketing team, it's critical to know which positions are hot and what their future means within the industry.

Whether you're building a team from scratch or adding bench strength to your existing digital marketing team, carefully consider what positions are trending and why.

A look into 2015 indicates that the following positions will be key players for your team: chief marketing technologist, Web designer, Web editor, mobile app developer, and marketing operations manager.

Here's what the future of these positions looks like.

The chief marketing technologist will continue to act as a creative and strategic leader who gives technical direction and solutions on achieving marketing goals. The CMT's in-depth experience working in tech and managing systems will be crucial for overseeing and implementing new components as well as supporting and educating marketing teams on the latest technologies.

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image of Laura McGarrity

Laura McGarrity is vice-president of Digital at Mondo, a digital marketing and talent agency.

LinkedIn: Laura McGarrity