Whether you're a writer, a content marketer, or just a word geek like me, if you're reading this blog post we probably have something in common: We pay close attention to the words that we use.

Now don't get me wrong... That attention to detail is great, but as much as individual words matter, you have to take a step back and assess how your readers perceive those words as a whole.

Collectively, your words establish your company's tone of voice, which is an extremely important marketing tool because it helps establish the character of your business. Tone of voice isn't about what you say but the way you say it and the impression it makes on your readers.

Moreover, there are some big benefits to getting your company's tone of voice right, including the following.

1. It makes you human

People like to deal with people. So, they like a brand to have a personality they can recognize and bond with.

Sometimes, people assume that B2B buyers work in a completely rational way... but businesspeople are still people. They might have more priorities and stakeholders to think about, but given a choice, they'll go with the firm that they feel good about.

In B2B, the trend is toward more authenticity, honesty, realness, and openness—things that were traditionally seen as B2C values. Buyers of all types are looking for the emotional truth behind an offer or brand, not just rational benefits.

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Dr. Andrew Bredenkamp is founder and chairman of Acrolinx, which helps the world's greatest brands speak with one voice.

Twitter: @abredenkamp  

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