Customers today are savvier than ever. They know what they want (and what they don't want). Moreover, marketers are realizing that maintaining positive relationships with today's customers goes far beyond traditional customer service.

Today, marketing is all about engagement, a two-way interaction that's both meaningful and personal. Consumers want to feel good about being your customer, so connecting with them and making them feel like an individual (and not just a number) is crucial to earning their loyalty. After all, various emotions shape their attitude toward your company and ultimately influence their buying behavior.

Successful brand engagement taps into personal experiences.

At the heart of emotional branding is the personal connection people feel with the brands that add value to their lives. Examples abound—such as grocery chains providing trendy recipes to sell the required ingredients as well as clothing retailers hosting "lookbooks" from hot designers. Some shoe merchants even offer videos aimed at the consumer about particular styles and how to wear them.

Successfully engaging your prospects through unique, relatable Web content is crucial for building customer relationships.

So, how can you engage users to promote your brand?

First, it doesn't hurt to have a great product or service that does something amazing for the customer.

Another approach is to take your social media to the next level. Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter are no longer considered trends or a phenomenon; most of us have acknowledged that they are part of our everyday lives. This is a major opportunity to not only engage your audience but also to build and maintain a community.

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Mary Kay Hyde is senior director of Marketing and Communities at HotSchedules, now part of Red Book Connect.

LinkedIn: Mary Kay Hyde