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How do you guarantee a Millennial will mark your business email as spam?

Include a subject line like this: "Why Hipsters Prefer [Your Brand.]"

Why? For so many reasons.

Let's look at how marketers are self-sabotaging when trying to attract this demographic. And if you're making any of these mistakes, the solutions are all simple fixes.

1. You don't make an appointment with your audience

A shocking 38% of Millennials (born after 1982) are freelancers, meaning that they're not constrained to work exclusively from 9-5.

Of Millennials working regular hours, 89% check their email long after the workday has ended. In other words, Millennials are practicing work-life blending, mixing playtime and worktime, so much that they almost become indistinguishable.

What does that mean for email marketers? Millennials are constantly checking their email, and it doesn't matter whether you're messaging them on their personal or business account.

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image of Rachel Burger

Rachel Burger is a content writer for Capterra and a Millennial expert. Her work has appeared on HR.com, Forbes, The Hill, and on the BBC.

LinkedIn: Rachel Burger  

Twitter: @capteraburger