Today's consumers, facing more choices than ever, challenge marketers to sell them more than just a product or service. Marketers now must sell a lifestyle.

Now, the association with a brand is often the most important selling proposition.

To capture these decision makers, marketers need to create a cohesive and compelling brand experience, one that captures loyalty through storytelling. And in regards to storytelling, video has rapidly grown to become one of the most valuable and important elements of an effective marketing mix.

The power of video is its ability to tell a story in a way no other type of content can. This medium can communicate brand promises, capture an identity, and show personality. Video can humanize a brand and establish a connection with the viewer. Authentic delivery and situations convey credibility and legitimacy.

But beyond being a highly shareable bit of content, video can be one of—if not the—most critical and powerful ways to own a brand story. The key is to show your story in a way that matters to your audience because you're showing what you care about.

The brand Vans brilliantly showed its brand tenets with its "Since 66" video. The short film conveyed who the brand was and spurred emotion in an authentically creative way that photography or text couldn't have done.

SINCE 66 from Vans OffTheWall.TV on Vimeo.

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image of Mary Pedersen

Mary Pedersen is creative director at JPL, a full-service, integrated, marketing agency based in Pennsylvania.

LinkedIn: Mary Pedersen