As a nonprofit communicator, you pour your heart and soul into press releases, stay up late scheduling tweets, and work tirelessly to rush your newsletter to the printer on time.

You run fast and furious to get it all done as you scale mountains of deadlines. But admit it.

You know your marketing could do more.

Despite all your work to change the world, the same questions keep gnawing at you:

  • We keep mailing a newsletter, but how does this publication drive our mission?
  • We get a lot of media coverage, so shouldn't more people support us?
  • We have 28,000 Facebook likes—why don't these followers donate?

Maybe there's an easier tool for promoting your non-profit… like a blog.

Don't think you need a blog? You're not alone, as many nonprofits put blogging way down on their priority list, and only 47% of nonprofits use a blog as a marketing platform. Yet a blog is a tremendously effective marketing tool.

Let's review five good reasons why your nonprofit needs to get blogging.

1. You can have cozy conversations instead of shouting matches

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image of Amy Butcher

Amy Butcher is a Web writer who helps non-profits develop effective online content and a content strategy for more donations.

Twitter: @AmyBContent

LinkedIn: Amy Butcher