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Social media marketing is a one-to-one relationship-building tool for businesses. Though it allows you to speak to many at once, the interaction feels more personalized to your customers. They're "friends" or "followers," after all.

Social media cuts through the barriers between the average person and a company, and lends itself to engagement and a wide array of mutual benefits.

For nonprofits, social media marketing can be just as advantageous as it is to businesses. It's a great way to build support for your organization, grow the ranks of your volunteers, and increase donations. For your social media marketing to be fruitful, however, you need to be extra vigilant about your communications.

Social media marketing can be planned well ahead of time, but there's a variable of spontaneous communication as well. It's important to respond to those who support you on social media, whether that's a simple matter of replying to comments or engaging in extended conversation—a feature that makes social media effective.

That also means anyone managing the accounts for your nonprofit needs to have a firm handle on some best-practices to ensure that your organization maintains the reputation it has built.

There are topics that may inflame or could be misinterpreted, so you'll likely want to develop a list of things to avoid discussing on social media. The person maintaining your social media accounts speaks for the entire organization, so any opinions or controversial stances should match the nonprofit message specifically, else they should be avoided.

As social media marketing evolves, new tools and platforms continually emerge and advances improve the way you can reach and interact with people; ultimately, though, a lot of best-practices center on the human experience for your volunteers and followers.

Best-Practices for Your Nonprofit Social Media

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Jeremy Silverstein is vice-president of operations and vehicle dispatching at Goodwill Car Donations.

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