Driven by the rapid fragmentation of the media marketplace, programmatic buying is revolutionizing the advertising industry. Though advertisers are still expected to deliver the right content to the right consumer at the right time, they are now harnessing data and technology to target audiences with extreme precision and engage them in meaningful dialogs.

This shift is creating a new kind of advertiser.

What Quantitative Analysts Do

These new marketers now develop strategies based on comprehensive analysis of large quantities of consumer data. They then use algorithms to purchase and place ads across a wide spectrum of digital media outlets. Success for these new advertisers depends on data quality and their ability to quickly and efficiently react to changes in consumer behavior across multiple channels simultaneously.

The rise of this new advertiser signifies a key change not only in the marketing profession but in the industry at large.

Audiences are no longer gathering in clusters around a few larger channels, such as traditional TV. Consumers are dispersing widely across a growing number of digital channels.

Advertisers must develop strategies for engaging their digital audiences, which are far more transient in nature. To do this, many companies are looking for advertisers who understand complex data and technology, and use them to create targeted ad campaigns that deliver proven ROI.

Ultimately, companies that don't embrace this shift in advertising will fail to connect and fall behind their competitors in the long run.

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Alan Izenman is chief digital officer at Active International, a corporate trade provider.

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