I was sold on the notion of Internet of Things (IoT)—everything's connected, everything's working together, and as a result, consumer experiences are intrinsically aligned and delivering relevance from "go." Cool, right?

But is that what consumers want?

I'm a perfect example of this relevance Catch-22. I want spot-on relevance delivered with every digital experience, but I have a "FOMO" (fear of missing out). I always worry I'm missing out on the perfect album, reservation, article, pair of sneakers—you name it. Maybe it's wrong for me to say that. After all, I live and breathe personalization and wholly advocate personalized consumer experiences across all platforms, but it's true.

As a marketing practitioner, I'm on board. As a consumer, I still waver.

A Landscape That's All About Me

There's an answer for consumers like me: the Internet of Me (IoM). It's another paradox in response to my internal push/pull regarding limiting consumer choice. As the digital space expands, the IoM makes it that much smaller.

What's left is an immersive landscape that's all about me... and you, your spouse, your friend, your colleague...

You get the idea.

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image of Kevin Lindsay

Kevin Lindsay is director of product marketing at Adobe.

LinkedIn: Kevin Lindsay

Twitter: @kevlindsay