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Influencer marketing has tons of room for creativity, which makes it one of the most unique forms of marketing today. Brands that employ influencers strategically can knock their campaigns right out of the park and into the laps of their target demographic.

One recent influencer marketing trend is brands' partnering with bloggers and social influencers that don't fall within their industry. Venturing outside of your normal space can open up your product to a completely untapped market.

That's where the magic happens.

To that end, we've also noticed a shift with bloggers moving away from focusing on one subject matter and letting their readers in on all the things they love.

When doing influencer marketing, the hardest thing to nail is finding the right bloggers for your brand. Doing so forces you to take a good hard look at what your product is and who's in the market to buy it. For example, if you're selling boxed undies, do you really need to enlist underwear-specific bloggers (if these even exist)? No, everyone wears underwear (with the exception of that one percent of commandos out there).

This article is all about those adventurous brands that have ventured into to uncharted territory.

We've compiled a roundup of five favorite examples:

1. Blue Apron

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Lauren Jung is the co-founder of TheShelf.com, an influencer marketing platform that enables brands and agencies to connect with the most relevant influencers.

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