Do your emails grab your prospects' attention and make them excited, or do recipients just press delete before they even get to the second line?

Would you reply to an email that feels salesy or pushy?

Probably not. So why should prospects respond?

Most cold emails fail because they don't connect with their audience; they feel disingenuous or impersonal. If you want to catch your prospects' attention, you need to address their needs and speak to them on a more human level.

Fixing these three common cold-email marketing mistakes can get you more responses from your prospects.

1. Your message is too self-focused and impersonal

No one wants to hear you drone on about how awesome you think you are. Your prospects don't care about how many awards your company has won or that your new product is your fastest or coolest ever. They only want to know how you can solve their problems.

How can you speak to your prospects needs if you don't understand their needs? Before you craft any cold emails you need to develop a clear buyer persona and research your prospects' industry and role to understand their pain points and priorities.

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Heather R. Morgan is CEO of Salesfolk, an agency that specializes in copywriting for B2B content marketing and sales copywriting.

LinkedIn: Heather Morgan