The Internet makes being faceless, anonymous, and downright dodgy too easy. Understandably, your customers don't like that. Trust between your company and your target customers is crucial.

Trust leads to repeat customers and convinces people to give you their personal information and data. And trust can also lead to a smoother introduction to the market for brand-new products and services when they are understood and expected.

Moreover, trust in innovation is more important than ever. As the pace of change rapidly increases, forward-thinking companies risk leaving customers behind if their expectations and values are not reflected in online conversations.

A whopping 51% of people believe that the pace of change is actually too fast (compared to 28% who think it is too slow), according to the 2015 Edelman TrustBarometer.

In other words, most people think that it isn't enough only to innovate and bring out new products anymore. You also need to explain why your innovation is relevant, needed, and safe.

You need to bring your audience along with you.

The Formula for Building Trust in Innovation

The Edelman TrustBarometer has also given businesses a solution for how to build trust in innovation and overcome objections, too.

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