If you're a content creator, the chances are you've written your fair share of blog posts, created an infographic, produced a whitepaper, or recorded videos.

Although audiences still engage with the content, these formats don't really create the same kind of excitement they used to. However, help is at hand! We've put together a list of different formats to help you stop content format fatigue in its tracks.

1. Gigographics

Remember the first time you saw an infographic? You were probably excited to see data presented in such a visually appealing way, and we're willing to bet it wasn't long before you started to create your own infographics.

Infographics still work, but they have started to lack that "wow" factor.

To make your infographics stand out, try a gifographic instead. Gifographics combine the imagery and data of an infographic with the movement of a gif, making gifographics more interactive than infographics.

Imagine being able to show increases or decreases in data with moving graphs instead of just arrows. The small animations can guide the viewer through the information in a specific order, enrich your story, and make for a more exciting way of presenting data.

The next time you're making an infographic, why not try a little animation, too, and see what impact it has on your results?

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Marie Dollé is head of Content and a digital strategist for Kantar Media, helping to measure the value of social, PR, and corporate branding.

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