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Bridgeway Software, a provider of legal services management solutions, was a successful company that had never made a real investment in marketing. Its founder Pat O'Donnell believed that if you gave customers outstanding service, they would return the favor through loyalty and word-of-mouth promotion.

He was right... for a while.

But as Bridgeway evolved, Pat recognized the need for its marketing strategy to mature as well. For the business to grow, the marketing team needed to develop a strong brand, industry awareness, measurable processes, and most of all, leads at the top of the funnel.

In other words, the company needed marketing.

Putting the Pieces Together

Pat hired David Samia as Bridgeway's vice-president of Product Management and Marketing to meet this very need. When David joined, Marketing at Bridgeway consisted of two people (one being me) primarily focused on administration, partners, clients, and some tradeshows. There was little cooperation or alignment with Sales and no integrated campaigns, only ad hoc activities executed without any way to measure success.

Company leadership tasked David with making the function more strategic through initiatives like messaging, positioning, and competitive analysis. But he didn't stop there. To be successful, David knew we needed to establish foundational processes and controls that would justify our value.

"A Marketing Department won't be around for long if we can't prove its worth," David would often say. So the first thing we did was to get a handle on our budget. Together, we mapped what we had, where it was being spent, and used in-house tools, such as Salesforce, to start tying marketing activities to sales opportunities.

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image of Jason Emanis

Jason Emanis is formerly director of Marketing at Bridgeway Software. He is a marketing leader, elevating brands and creating fans all while generating valuable sales leads.

LinkedIn: Jason Emanis