The year's busiest shopping season is right around the corner. Retail marketers have already laid out their winter campaigns, and like past years, consumers will soon see an influx of promotions, recommendations, flash sales, free shipping offers, and last-minute shopping ideas.

Equally important to these offers are the optimizations that marketers are making behind the scenes.

These five technologies can help with that optimization.

1. In-the-Moment Messaging

Over the holidays, marketers are under extreme pressure to push promotional messaging. The challenge, however, is that the offers are often misaligned with what consumers actually need—friendly and helpful advice.

Buyer journeys are complex, spanning multiple devices and interactions. For example, a shopper may use an online shopping cart to build a wishlist—not necessarily to make a purchase. The last thing that you, as a marketer, want to do is to bombard your audiences with unnecessary shopping cart abandonment emails. You need to respond to what your customers care about in the moment and to provide a source of support.

Behavior tracking technology on websites, in-app, and by using beacons can help maintain a 360-degree view of your customer base. Know what your customers need by unifying their stories across devices and channels. You can then deliver real-time messaging based on shoppers true intents to make it easier to find the right gifts.

2. Geolocation

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image of Meera Murthy

Meera Murthy is a customer success director at Evergage, a provider of real-time personalization solutions.

LinkedIn: Meera Murthy