With over 4 billion email accounts in existence across the globe, email has become an integral part of modern life. And its importance keeps growing.

Unfortunately, many marketers continue to burn countless bridges with their customers through the email channel, turning would-be brand advocates into jaded and weary consumers.

But the old way of deploying email marketing campaigns is over. Email is primed for disruption in a very big way, one that will revolutionize the way brands communicate with their customers. However, if you're not ready to embrace the type of communication customers demand, where will that leave your company?

Why focus on email?

Email marketing continues to yield the highest ROI of any channel investment. It gives digital marketers the best bang for their buck.

Email also delivers the best measurable ROI of any other channel, meaning that digital marketers can track their investment in email more efficiently. In fact, 81% of marketers said they would increase spending on the aforementioned channels if they could track them as efficiently as email. So, if you want to know exactly where your campaign spend is going, spend it on email.

Moreover, email is profitable, and email is proven. In a challenging economy where digital marketers are under serious pressure to deliver measurable ROIs for company execs, the best channel to invest in that can produce tangible, reliable results is email.

How can you prepare for Email 2.0?

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image of Patrick Tripp

Patrick Tripp is senior product marketing manager at Adobe.

LinkedIn: Patrick Tripp