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Seven Reasons to Use Print Marketing to Win More Business

by James Trotter  |  
November 18, 2015

Placing your business firmly in the spotlight, and keeping it there, is one way of remaining in the minds of your customers. You can do that by using printed marketing and promotion material to boost business.

Here's a look at seven reasons to use print marketing.

1. Print still has authority

Yes, the online world is powerful and not to be ignored, but there is something reliable and safe about having something in the hand. Printed materials—such as leaflets, business cards, banners, and posters—are tangible. Your customers still like "money off" coupons in the newspaper or the tear-off coupon at the bottom of a leaflet to put on their pin board, fridge door, and coupon books.

Enjoyment is still to be had in the printed form of marketing and advertising.

2. Print is gaining a following

You may think that the younger age group do everything online, but statistics suggest the opposite is true. Magazines, for example, based on particular subjects, from fashion through to fitness have seen an upswing in young readers, age 18-24 years.

What does this mean for printed promotional literature? It means that get the copyright, along with the images, and all printed material still can attract the customers you target.

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James Trotter is a marketing assistant at Colour Graphics, which specializes in large format print and display materials.

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  • by ID Thu Nov 19, 2015 via web

    NOVICE ALERT! I like this article, can I put it on my website with the necessary citations etc? If so, how?

  • by Aaron Thu Nov 19, 2015 via web

    @ID - please see here for republishing guidelines

  • by Signe Words Sat Nov 21, 2015 via web

    I agree with you. And it's important to point out that not just designs a photos must be performed by a professional, but also texts and possible translations. Of course, I'm talking about any text, not just the printed one. It's just that, when we have printed material in our hands, it can last long -as you say in your article- and the content we are showing could be read again and again, so it could be easier to find mistakes and inconsistencies, which may appear less important than showing fancy designs or not. Many people write their content -or even translate it- themselves and think that they just need to hire a professional to taking care of the images, as if the written material was not that important. But it can be even more! Your words are also the image of yourself and your company's.

    Maria Rotger - Signe Words

  • by Chris B Wed Dec 2, 2015 via web

    Great read! Print is definitely thriving!

  • by Barry O'Dwyer Sat Jan 30, 2016 via web

    Some interesting points especially for those folk who appear to live online. The great thing about printed matter is the fact that is tactile and can be put to one side to read latter or shown to a third party.To ensure that it really gets read enclose an item such as a personalised tea bag so it becomes a 'lumpy' item-guarantee it will get read!

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