For a very long time, we were experiencing the rise of "the suite" across the enterprise software landscape, end-to-end solutions that covered a wide breadth of needs.

The only problem with those monolithic solutions is that they were built during a different era for both software buyers and vendors, when it was harder to integrate technologies. So, building and buying a suite was key for many CIOs.

A recent report from Forrester, however, identifies a disconnect in regards to purchasing marketing tech. Marketers want vendors that offer multiple products as part of a suite, but marketers are skeptical one vendor can actually offer everything they need. That lack of confidence marks a change in the way we're choosing our marketing tools.

Today's technology landscape is an integrated one, with a variety of solutions connecting with and passing information between each other. The winners in this space seem to be those that build niche solutions and APIs that let the software play well with others.

Nowhere is this more evident than with marketing software. The CMO—now the key buyer of marketing technology instead of the CIO—knows that to make all the different parts of the puzzle fit together, software that "wears many hats" isn't needed. Instead, we need several specialized solutions with the ability to speak to each other really well.

And when you consider a function as diverse and broad as content marketing, the notion of a suite just doesn't work.

Content marketing will never have a suite

Content marketing involves several interconnected processes, even as one cog in a larger marketing machine. We're looking at separate-but-connected workflows at every stage, from content production to planning and managing content to optimization to distribution to measurement, and more.

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Yoav Schwartz is CEO at Uberflip, a provider of content marketing, curation, and digital publishing software.

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