Below we present a listing of the top MarketingProfs opinion pieces and thought-leadership articles of 2015 (as opposed to articles dispensing practical, tactical how-to advice and tips).

"Top" means, in this case, popular; and "popular" means most read by subscribers of our newsletter, MarketingProfs Today.

In other words, articles not listed here may have had more pageviews, but we've not included them because those views were likely the result of the search engine gods' having placed them at or near the top of search results pages... or the social media fates' having conspired to distribute them far and wide on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn or Google+.

But, because we value your time and want to provide truly useful and informative information, we've narrowed the list to only those that you and your colleagues considered most worthy of your attention in 2015.

And so, here we go...

10. Make Your Customers Feel Like You Know Them (Without Being Creepy)
by Kelly McGuire

Online customers come to you through different paths for myriad reasons. The clues they leave behind can help you get to know them and improve their experience, build their loyalty and repeat business, and boost revenue.

9. Your Email Marketing Campaign Isn't Attracting Millennials (for Good Reasons)
by Rachel Burger

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