The Millennial generation is the first to grow up immersed in the Internet and social media. Millennials' status as first-generation digital natives has equipped them with an intuitive ability to navigate in an online world.

But what happens as profound life-changes—such as motherhood—emerge for Millennial women? Do their digital behaviors decrease, given their growing responsibilities? Or has technology become so entwined in their lives that Millennials continue to explore new digital platforms regardless of life changes?

A new comprehensive Influence Central research study of more than 1,000 Millennial women and Millennial moms (as well as Boomer and Gen X women) offers new insight into how online technology and digital devices evolve for the Millennial generation. What we found proved compelling. Instead of stepping back from daily digital habits, or even remaining at consistent levels, Millennial moms deepen their usage of online technology, and it becomes further entrenched in their changing lives.

Our survey revealed that motherhood proves a transformative moment for Millennials. When Millennial women become mothers, everything shifts for them—digital use, brand interaction, online and offline product search habits, brand preferences, and more. They begin learning about products in an entirely new way, focusing solely on social networking, bloggers, and influencers to hear those personal stories and first-person recommendations.

So when these Moms look at things like online reviews or recommendations from bloggers, what really pulls them in is this sense of "I recognize myself in what you're writing about and it makes a difference to me."

By contrast, Millennial women really pride themselves on being social researchers online, and they become more likely to be influenced by traditional media. As they shift through their customer product journey, they look at brand websites and e-commerce reviews, but they look for the amount of detail and verification that typically comes with those reviews.

One of the most compelling shifts centers on digital adoption.

Here are five key ways Millennial moms deepen their embrace of digital technology.

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