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Five Reasons Interactive Content Drives Engagement

by Anna Talerico  |  
January 25, 2016

Your customers are bombarded with content every time they look at their smartphones, open their laptops, or use their digital tablets. To be noticed, marketers have to stop selling and start engaging.

"Content marketing is becoming less about the words you put on a page, and more about the experiences you create for the consumer," according to William Comcowich, CEO of CyberAlert. That's where interactive content—quizzes, calculators, assessment tools, and infographics—come into play.

Creating an experience that invites users to join the brand experience can be a lifesaver in a sea of passive, undifferentiated content.

Here are five reasons why interactive content is worth creating.

1. Interactive content gets noticed

A total of 70% of marketers agree that interactive content is effective at engaging buyers, according to a study by Demand Metric.

Those marketers are right. Some 67% of buyers responded best to content that contained timely or unique information, and 60% valued content that explained a complex issue in simple terms, according to an Economist Group survey.

However, there's a disconnect in what consumers want and what marketers are giving them. Some 58% of marketers say that their content does not provide enough opportunity for engagement.

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Anna Talerico is executive vice-president of Ion Interactive, a company that pioneered in post-click marketing. Anna and her colleagues provided professional guidance and assistance in the development of SmartTools: High-Performance Landing Pages specifically for MarketingProfs PRO members.

LinkedIn: Anna Talerico

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  • by Brad Hess Mon Jan 25, 2016 via web

    This is a nice little write-up on the basics of interactive content. You mentioned Newscred's whitepaper on visual storytelling, which actually is a great example of interactive content in its own right. Just search "newscred visual storytelling" to see the microsite they created using Ceros, a platform for interactive content creation. The interactive microsite drove extended awareness through social sharing and news coverage, as well as high levels of user engagement.

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