This year, 87.9 billion consumer emails will be sent and received each day. To stand out, marketers need to deliver relevant content to their customers—but only 21% of marketers believe they're doing so.

Moreover, 62% of companies' email deliverability ranks as "questionable" at best, causing wasted marketing spend, missed campaign opportunities, and valuable time and resources spent fixing inaccurate records.

Without good data, marketing campaigns will inevitably suffer.

Marketers need to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. Without trustworthy data, that level of personalization is nearly impossible.

Data-driven marketers' two main goals—to increase and measure campaign ROI—are best achieved by personalized messaging. To do that, marketers must gain quick access to integrated and accurate customer data.

Current digital marketing methodology dictates the needs for a strategy that accomplishes these goals:

  • Finds the right audience
  • Uses the right channel
  • Delivers the right content—all at the right time

To determine a strategy for your organization that checks all those boxes, you need data.

The Problem With Data

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Corinne Sklar is global CMO of Bluewolf, a global business consulting firm that helps clients produce extraordinary customer moments and accelerate business outcomes.

Twitter: @csklar

LinkedIn: Corinne Sklar