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The advertising industry loses about $18.5 billion annually to ad fraud, according to a report released recently by Distil Networks. Fortunately, we know it is a problem and have the solutions needed to address the issue now.

The following two tools can help you fight fraud.

1. Better Performance Metrics

In response to the Distil Networks fraud report, COO of adMarketplace Adam Epstein told AdAge: "Fraud thrives when advertisers measure the wrong events like pageviews, video views—those are events that both a human and a bot can do… If advertisers are measuring things only humans can do, like pulling out a credit card and paying for something, then the ad networks are going to have every incentive to kick bot traffic out."

So, advertisers can mitigate fraud by measuring campaign outcomes that fraudsters cannot mimic.

How can marketers optimize to outcomes?

Marketers can use programmatic software, which uses real-time data to influence media-buying decisions, to optimize for sales conversions that require an authorized payment to trigger an event (instead of just impressions or clicks in their campaigns).

Bots cannot trigger a sale... at least not yet! That makes sales outcomes a natural antidote to fraudulent behavior.

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Jacob Ross is president of Helix, MediaMath's proprietary data offering.

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