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Don't Wage War Against Ad Blockers Until You Know Who You're Really Fighting

by Satish Polisetti  |  
March 9, 2016

The growing popularity of ad-blocking tools has become a full-blown crisis in online publishing. As ads disappear, publishers' revenue evaporates, and digital outlets quietly close their doors.

It's easy to blame software companies and ad-adverse users for the $21.8 billion ad blocking will cost publishers this year, but the real problem lies with the ads themselves and the pipes used to serve them. They're detracting from the overall user experience.

Now that Apple has moved into the mobile ad-blocking game, publishers must radically change their ads and rethink their archaic ad stacks to appeal to users... or brace themselves for a major financial blow.

Are you fighting an invisible enemy?

At the core of the ad-supported publishing model is a problem that no one seems to be talking about: Publishers know readers are using ad-blocking software, but they don't really understand what's motivating this behavior.

Publishers are fighting who they consider to be computer geeks content to skim top stories for free and to steal ad dollars along the way.

But the problem is more complicated than that.

Know your readers

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Satish Polisetti is co-founder of AdsNative, an ad platform that allows publishers to monetize their websites and applications through visually integrated ads that blend with their content.

LinkedIn: Satish Polisetti

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  • by Neil Mahoney Wed Mar 9, 2016 via web

    I spent a lifetime in Advertising-Marketing-Sales. The last dozen as a Publisher of B2B magazines.

    What made print magazines valuable to readers & advertisers alike, was the variety of subjects we covered in each issue -- something for all our readers all the time. Until e-zines adopt this approach, the ads will continue to be intrusive -- interrupting reader-interest in material that appeals to a very small segment of prospects.

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