Shadow IT is a term that IT departments frequently discuss. Yet in Marketing departments, there's not much discussion about it. That needs to change.

So, what is Shadow IT?

If your marketing activities involve the use of apps and cloud software that haven't been signed off by the IT apartment, then you're part of the growing Shadow IT network. Those solutions may make your life easier, efficient, and far more productive. But for the wider business, it can cause multiple issues.

Is your marketing department in the IT shadows?

With so many tools out there from Dropbox for data storage to Evernote for all important meetings, there's a plethora of unapproved programs that you're probably using daily to do your job. It's something which we routinely come across—especially with marketers.

Let's take an example... You urgently need a way to store manage a new clients data. Your options are...

  • Log a ticket with the IT department and wait a number of weeks for someone to eventually install a new company software package.
  • Download the latest online solution there and then.

The choice is obvious.

With the rapid rise in SaaS (Software as a Service) and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) teams can solve their problems swiftly without having to wait. It works. It's cheap. And it can help boost your team's productivity.

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image of Ciara Wood

Ciara Wood is a freelance marketing consultant who helps B2B clients with marketing strategy and implementation.

Twitter: @CiaraWood1

LinkedIn: Ciara Wood