Until recently, the marketing value of conference proceedings seemed limited and mundane. Post-conference value might have been measured by citations in new journal papers, but otherwise those publications collected dust, not revenue.

With today's technologies and myriad channels for continuing exposure, however, marketers can take advantage of valuable collected content to reach new audiences and create new revenue streams.

Much like TV and movies where the bulk of revenue comes from syndication and derivative products, the same can happen with conference proceedings. As the organizer of the conference, you often have various rights to the content produced as a result. Take advantage of them!

You can repurpose that content in many new ways. The replacement of printed materials with digital represents a huge marketing opportunity as attendees access the materials before and during the conference, all while supporting sustainability by reducing paper waste.

Organizations, particularly those with significant legacy content from years of conference proceedings and scholarly journals, will benefit from a well-planned iterative approach to content conversion and repurposing.

Content You Already Have

Start by looking at what is produced for your conferences:

  • Do you receive papers in MS Word, PDFs, or hard copy?
  • Do your presenters develop their own slide presentations and handouts?
  • Do you record keynote presentations or offer them in a livestream format, with or without a transcript?
  • How much technical content consists of mathematical or scientific formulas and data intensive tables?
  • How much of the content is submitted prior to the event?
  • How much, if any, content is reused post-event?

That kind of thorough analysis of your existing content, coupled with a strategic approach to content reuse, is essential to developing a technical solution that automates as much of the process as possible and allows for production across a variety of channels.

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Mark Gross is founder, CEO, and president of Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), a provider of services, software, and conversion outsourcing to a broad range of industries.

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