You've probably been hearing the buzz around "brand newsrooms." But what are they?

Those "newsrooms" create engaging content, both planned and real time, for sharing across social media channels and blogs.

Some might say that such a newsroom sounds like a social media team, and they're probably right. What differentiates a good brand newsroom from a regular social media team, however, is a strong editorial calendar and an ability to quickly create content to respond to current events and trends.

In short, a brand newsroom is much more a content marketing team.

Moreover, a report from the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs indicates that content marketing spend will grow its share in the total marketing budgets for brands from 25% to 29%.

So what I want to argue is that companies should drop their ad agency-run newsrooms and create their own, internal brand newsrooms—i.e., content marketing teams.

Why I dropped my ad agency newsroom and replaced it with an in-house team

When I joined my team, we had a retainer with an ad agency newsroom, and it worked great. Every time we wanted a new piece of content, we'd get on the phone with the ad agency, brief members on what we needed, and about a week later, we would be presented with their creative.

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image of Aviv Canaani

Aviv Canaani is a content marketing manager at IBM MobileFirst and serves as editor-in-chief for Mobile Business Insights.

LinkedIn: Aviv Canaani