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Five Crucial Elements of a Great Blog Post

by Sam Allcock  |  
August 9, 2016

A blog provides great substance for your social media marketing campaigns and regularly adds fresh content, which is something Google loves. More indexed pages equal more content, and more content equals a greater chance of being found for a search term related to your industry.

So having an integral blogging strategy for your business's website is vital for its success.

You may be the best author in the world but unless your blog post is structured in a way that is easy to read, it won't perform to its full potential.

Here's a look at the structure of a great blog post that encourages social sharing and increases traffic to your business's website.

The Skeleton

Let's think of the structure of your article as a skeleton—it's the bare bones to which you add flesh. Your audience may not notice that you've used a structure to organize your content, but it is guaranteed to translate well into conversions most of the time.

Here's why you need to use the skeleton:

  • Increased productivity. When writing, you'll spend less time messing around and more time writing the content. You'll leave the distractions behind and have a solid structure to work from.
  • More content. Because a rigid structure already creates the base for your blog post, you'll have more time to create content and less time needed to format the article.
  • Easier reading. An article that has mismatched bits of information can confuse your readers. They're likely to hop off your page and go somewhere that is more user-friendly—maybe even the site of your competitor!

1. Headline

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Sam Allcock is director and founder of Custard Online Marketing, a digital content marketing agency.

LinkedIn: Samuel Allcock

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  • by Marcia Yudkin Tue Aug 9, 2016 via web

    How peculiar that your post on "a great blog post" says practically nothing about having something worth sharing or about saying something in an interesting way. If the content is boring or something folks have read a million times before, then how can your tips "guarantee [the blog post] to translate well into conversions most of the time"?

    You lost me there.

  • by Christopher Jan Benitez Wed Aug 10, 2016 via web

    I loved how you emphasized the skeleton first before moving on to the elements. I think that, in order for the elements to be truly effective, they need to be organized so that all the disparate elements contribute to the bigger picture. By providing the skeleton, you help more content ideation and development much easier for writers so they can just use the template and focus on filling on the details!

    Also, hope you don't mind that I linked the post on my blog: I curate the best content marketing, blogging, and freelance writing posts for the week, and I included yours!

    Keep up the great work and have a good day!

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