TV advertising represents 37%, or over $70 billion, in annual marketing spend in the US. However, despite all the analytical advancements made in other channels, TV advertising targeting and attribution seem to be stuck in the dark ages. Advertisers are still relying on Nielsen age and gender demographics for targeting and gross rating points for attribution.

The old methods of targeting and measurement, however, aren't even close to what we see in other channels, such as direct mail, and online video and display.

Enter addressable TV.

Simply put, addressable TV is the ability to show TV ads at the household level using analytical profiling and segmentation. It brings data-driven precision of digital advertising into the TV space.

Here are six reasons why addressable TV should be embraced:

1. You can target at the household level and eliminate waste

This level of granularity has never before been achieved in TV advertising. It significantly reduces waste by eliminating the population not in the market for your product or services.

Why show the right product to the wrong person?

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Nick Lockard is a digital marketing manager at DataLab Digital Advertising, an analytics-driven online marketing consultancy.

LinkedIn: Nick Lockard 

Twitter: @nicklockard88