Content marketing automation takes traditional content marketing tasks and automates them to save you time and money.

Moreover, today's marketers are feeling intense pressure to give a positive ROI on their efforts, and content marketing automation can help marketers prove their worth with number-based reports.

Companies that use marketing automation have 53% higher conversion rates than companies that do not, according to the Aberdeen Group.

Though some marketers insist content marketing automation takes away the relationship between the brand and customer, automation can actually enhance that relationship.

Content marketing automation can be as simple as scheduled social media posts and as complicated as list segmentation and lead scoring. Depending on a brand's marketing and sales strategy, content marketing automation can dramatically improve conversion rates.

However, marketers really need to take automation seriously if they want to prove the success of a campaign.

Automation Helps Meet Consumer Demand

Consumers reportedly spend over 17 hours engaged with content; this includes digesting content on e-readers, TV, social, etc. The demand for content has never been higher, which means marketers must meet this demand with a sound strategy.

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image of Albizu Garcia

Albizu Garcia is CEO and co-founder of GAIN, a marketing automation platform for e-commerce and publishing industries.

LinkedIn: Albizu Garcia