Entertainment marketers are masters at grabbing an audience's attention in a split second with just one image, clip, or tweet. They do this by deftly focusing their marketing on three essential strategies: telling stories, inspiring emotion, and taking risks.

Here's how CPG brands can emulate that strategy.

1. Telling Stories

Entertainment brands wrote the book on telling stories. They do it all the time. But CPG brands can take a page from this classic entertainment strategy to bring their brands to life in memorable ways.

The author of the mega-successful Harry Potter franchise was able to build a billion-dollar brand that continues to grow and engage new audiences. How? By telling consistent stories.

J.K Rowling created a multidimensional landscape that enables the brand to expand its loyal audience over time. Harry's world has certain rules and truths that audiences instantly recognize. By staying true to those rules, the story can be replayed over and over again in different ways without losing its believability or diluting the brand. That strategy can be applied to CPG brands as well.

Walk into any Lego store, and you'll see what I mean. Lego is all about exploration and its stores allow that to happen in a fun, yet educational way—"inspiring and developing the builders of tomorrow."

Rather than simply viewing the Lego brand as plastic construction toys, the company has been telling a story for decades about the way children play and learn. That story supports the continuing growth of the brand into movies, games, competitions, and even amusement parks.

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Margo Chase is founder and executive creative director of Chase Design Group, a creative agency with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, dedicated to exploring new territory and questioning conventional assumptions to produce extraordinary outcomes for clients such as Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Nestle, and Campbell Soup Company.

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