People love to say email will soon be dead, but marketers know that's far from true. Email remains one of the most effective channels for driving sales and building lasting relationships with customers.

Consider the following stats: Email has the highest ROI of any digital channel, raking in $38 for every $1 spent; 73% of marketers agree that email is core to their business; and more than 55% of marketers planned to increase their email marketing budget in 2016.

However, it's getting tougher to stay competitive. Marketers are in a continual battle to improve deliverability as well as open and engagement rates. Moreover, mobile has given rise to a new breed of customers who expect a one-to-one experience across all channels and devices, online and offline.

Accordingly, today's marketers are realizing email doesn't work in today's omnichannel landscape without a full picture of the customer journey—and that includes phone calls.

Email, meet phone calls

Calls are no more dead than email; in fact, they're on the rise. BIA/Kelsey estimates that by 2020 some 169 billion people will call businesses from their mobile phones.

But if you're blind to those crucial interactions, you can't deliver a relevant customer experience via email or any other point of engagement; worse yet, you can't measure true ROI or make informed decisions, because you have no idea what happens offline.

Call-intelligence technology brings a rich layer of customer data you need to deliver personalized emails that are seamlessly integrated with every part of the customer experience. Meanwhile, giving people the option to call directly from your email or landing page will boost engagement rates—especially with mobile users who would rather not do battle with tiny screens and online forms.

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image of Kyle Christensen

Kyle Christensen is the VP of Marketing at Invoca, the call intelligence company. He is a SaaS veteran, having spent over 15 years working in enterprise software. Before Invoca, Kyle was a VP of Marketing at Responsys.

LinkedIn: Kyle Christensen

Twitter: @kylechristensen