Today's marketers have been expert jugglers. In addition to managing issues of ad fraud, viewability, and global marketing strategy, it is now common practice for a marketing team to also manage ad campaigns across multiple platforms and devices.

But with only 24 hours in a day and finite team resources available, it's no wonder that some marketers have begun to outsource much of the marketing technology (martech) juggling.

The move toward managed services is causing new pressures of its own. A quarter of senior marketers say they are stretched too thin because of having to manage multiple marketing tech vendors and platforms, according to "Modernizing the Mix: Transforming Marketing Through Technology and Analytics," a May 2016 research report by my company, DataXu.

Apparently, marketers have had to graduate from juggling to plate-spinning.

A growing number of marketers believe that bringing advertising technology (adtech) and martech solutions in-house is the way to improved cost-effectiveness, transparency, and access to data. Our report finds that 62% of US marketers expect to manage slightly more or significantly more martech in-house over the next year.

And with many marketers happily managing at least a portion of marketing technologies in-house already, the next question is a straightforward one: Will adtech move in-house next?

The In-House Adtech Mindset

Some 53% of US marketers say martech and adtech will converge completely within the next five years, according to our survey of 532 global marketers. The melding of the two under the overarching umbrella of "madtech" may thus lead to adtech's being brought in-house as well.

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Merrily McGugan is director of corporate marketing at DataXu, a programmatic marketing and analytics technology company. Download its Modernizing the Mix report in full here (registration required).

LinkedIn: Merrily McGugan