SEO and PPC are very different, but it's time to stop thinking about them as polar opposites. Because, although different, they aren't enemies. They are allies. And they work well together: They complement and benefit each other.

Kind of like Yin and Yang, they fit together to make a whole—in this case, well-rounded search marketing.

Here are six reasons that using pay-per-click and search engine optimization together will result in marketing that's more effective.

1. Greater Visibility

This first benefit should be obvious. You want your company and your brand to be as visible as possible online so that you can reach more people. If you are just running an SEO campaign, then your company is going to be on the SERPs only once for your organic ranking.

However, if you add PPC to the mix, then you get added exposure; you can be on the SERPs twice.

In addition, PPC ads generally make up the top two or three results on most SERPs. So, if you can dominate both the paid and organic spaces, you will not only have greater visibility but also convey the impression of having authority in your market.

2. Twice the Keyword Data

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Ronald Dod is the CMO and a co-founder of Visiture LLC, provider of full-service search engine optimization and pay-per-click search marketing services for e-commerce.

LinkedIn: Ronald Dod