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Five Ways to Market an Effective Online Video [Video]

by Andy Havard  |  
May 1, 2012

Welcome to Part 2 of this online video master class. In Part 1, we discussed five key elements of an effective online video. Now let's talk about five ways of marketing an effective online video.

1. Use a dependable hosting service

When you are marketing your video, the last thing you want is an unreliable hosting service that ruins your efforts. It's important to use a provider that will offer you consistent quality and give you the assurance that your video won't be spontaneously taken down at any point.

Websites such asYouTube and Vimeo are traditionally pretty reasonable at providing such a service; if you want 100% peace of mind, then investing some money into a host such as Brightcove or Bitsontherun might be a good idea.

2. Remember video SEO

Video is a great SEO (search engine optimization) booster, and using sites such as YouTube can greatly aid your SEO efforts. Just as in any SEO strategy, your main aim is to allow your video to be found by online users who are searching for content related to your video.

When marketing video, making your video findable by search engines is your top priority. It's essential, therefore, to fill out all of your video meta-data on all the video sharing sites it is hosted on, and to write as much information as the sites allow you to include.

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Andy Havard is the top marketing executive at Skeleton Productions, a UK-based corporate video production company. Reach Andy via LinkedIn.

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  • by Albie Tue May 1, 2012 via web

    Good post but I'd like to see you expand on point 2. YouTube may be the world's second biggest search engine but for companies wishing to market their products and services, I'm not sure it's the most appropriate fit. It would be good to see a post discussing the considerations on choosing a video host in more detail. Hosting on YouTube might help you get more eyeballs and rank higher but the rankings will be for YouTube, not your own domain. If the main aim for the video is brand awareness, great but if it's traffic to your own site and conversions you need, there are better places to host your videos.

  • by Tyler Tue May 1, 2012 via web

    I agree. What I have done in the past is simply adding the video to the Company YouTube channel as well as "embedding" the YouTube video code into the page (along with other videos) on the corporate website. It's a fairly easy process and ensures your reach prospects however they find your topic.

  • by Nicole Elmore Tue May 1, 2012 via web

    Thank you for this great post.

    I agree that a dependable hosting service can make a world of a difference. However, keep in mind to choose an authoritative source as well. Often times, people will make a choice whether or not to believe a source (it can be a website or a video) based on its credibility.

    Feel free to read my post on what factors play a role in a website's credibility, which can also be directly applied to video on the internet.

    that is a great idea.
    This will be my next Blog Post Topic:

    5 Rules to Picking the right Video Host for Your Branding Strategy

    Because I agree with you that YouTube is not necessarily the best place to host your videos depending on the type of your business and your objectives.

    Keep checking back in the next couple of days on my Blog:

    Providing readers with tips, tricks, deals, and reviews in areas of Lifestyle, Shopping, Deals, Health & Beauty, Business, Travel and More

    Nicole Elmore

  • by HCG corporate designs Wed May 2, 2012 via web

    That is really a good posting, nothing new or revolutionary to people in the industry, BUT the way this information is delivered (with a short video) is really great. I wish there will be many more short video sessions on MarketingProfs, it's great!

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