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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

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1. Top 5 PR Trends to Watch in 2023

2. Data Providers Need to Allow Independent Audits. Here's Why.

3. Have an Eye on That Master Class? MarketingProfs membership offer

4. What Journalists Appreciate Most About PR Pros (And What Needs Improvement)

5. Data, AI, and Web3: What's Next MarketingProfs Friday Forum

6. Stand Out as a Marketing Writer MarketingProfs PRO webinar

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Top 5 PR Trends to Watch in 2023
Top 5 PR Trends to Watch in 2023
In the midst of layoffs and economic uncertainty, what tactics will public relations firms turn to in the new year? Check out these five possibilities. »
Boost Your Customer Engagement With a Reward Program
Reward and incentive programs drive results. Want to make sending gift cards, prepaid cards, and donations easy for you and your marketing team? Ask the experts! You'll be able to focus on engaging your audience while we provide a great reward experience. »
Data Providers Need to Allow Independent Audits. Here's Why.
Data Providers Need to Allow Independent Audits. Here's Why.
It's easy to audit your own first-party data. But what about data you purchase from a provider? Can you verify its quality? An independent audit can. »
MarketingProfs membership offer
Have an Eye on That Master Class?
If you've had your eye on the Email Marketing Master Class, SEO Master Class, Demand Gen, GA4, or any of the growing list of deep-dive Master Classes and hands-on Working Webinar Series that'll give you the edge you need—now's your chance! Upgrade to PRO for 53% off and get instant access to the expertise that'll make 2023 the best year of your career. Use promo code NEWYOU to save 53% on PRO or 60% on PRO Teams! »
What Journalists Appreciate Most About PR Pros (And What Needs Improvement)
What Journalists Appreciate Most About PR Pros (And What Needs Improvement)
Members of the media say the characteristic they appreciate most in PR professionals is understanding for what journalists need, and the characteristic that needs the most improvement is also understanding for what journalists need. Check out the study findings. »
MarketingProfs Friday Forum
Data, AI, and Web3: What's Next
Are you prepared for the future of B2B? Register for the Future Trends Friday Forum and hear what three top industry experts have to say about AI, Web3, data insights, and other trending topics for 2023. »
Stand Out as a Marketing Writer
MarketingProfs PRO webinar
What do ridiculously good writers do to stand out? Ann Handley's got a list of 10 things—and she wants YOU to put 'em to good use. Join Ann for a special 75-minute Platinum Webinar on Jan 25 at 12PM ET. You'll get Ann's list, plus her own Writing GPS system that she uses to write her popular marketing materials, newsletters, and books. Join Ann for this PRO-exclusive event on Jan 25!
Stand out with Ann's 10 writing tactics
Profs Picks
If you're looking for a way to boost your customer engagement in the new year, it may be time to invest in a loyalty program. Giving customers the incentive to keep coming back by offering rewards is a tried-and-true strategy, and now it's easier than ever thanks to Tango Card. An expert on all things rewards, Tango Card makes sending gift cards, prepaid cards, and donations a breeze so you can focus on engaging your markets. It offers not only a choice of digital gift cards but also the ability to reclaim any unredeemed funds. Check out Tango Card to get great results from your reward program in 2023.
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