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A powerful and consistent story across your customer journey

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Businesses are at a crossroads.

  • Solutions are not standing out from the crowd
  • Brands are struggling to stay relevant, as technology evolves at a rapid pace
  • Buyers are overwhelmed by choices and conflicting, high-quality information, leading to long sales cycles, discounted pricing and a rise in 'no decision'

Because of this, Marketing is under more pressure than ever before. Budgets and team sizes are shrinking while responsibilities are expanding. It's difficult to see a way out of these diminishing returns.

A Consistent, Powerful Story Across the Customer Journey

MarketingProfs DNA consulting services provide proven, world-class frameworks that help you define your positioning, messaging, experience, and demand generation strategies in a way that delivers a powerful and consistent story across the customer journey. We help you stand out from the crowd, convince your prospects to say "Yes", and improve customer loyalty.

Create a Competition-proof Story that Resonates

Understand your market well enough to know what your unique, defensible position is, how it relates to your competition and what they might do in the future to combat your story.

Stay Relevant in an Ever-Changing World

Customer expectations are changing—constantly. Increase retention and brand loyalty by going beyond NPS scores. Turn your CX ideas into action.

Make Your Solutions the "Must-have" Choice

The biggest competition out there today is no decision to change. However, with an understanding of your market, your story and how the buyer brain works, you can motivate your prospects and customers to purchase.

MarketingProfs DNA (Defensible Net Advantage)

If You Have a Question You Need Answered
MarketingProfs DNA | Insights helps you clarify your problems into researchable questions, talk to your customers and synthesize those insights with actionable recommendations. Go beyond your current understanding of customers and the market by blending world-class insights from industry research and customer voices to provide a new view on your burning questions.

If You're Struggling to Understand What Makes Your Company Unique
MarketingProfs DNA | Positioning segments your market and creates your unique, defensible position. By starting with the needs of the market, in these workshops you'll discover who your audience is, what they care about, and what position makes you competitor-proof—both now and in the future. This engagement provides you with a better understand of your market and a defensible positioning statement and a messaging document to use throughout your organization.

If Your Customer Experience Is Missing the Mark
MarketingProfs DNA | Experience improves customer experience (CX) using world-class frameworks that increase retention and brand loyalty. We can either help you get started or ensure that your existing CX initiatives are being embraced throughout your organization. Go beyond NPS scores, and turn your CX goals into action.

If Your Demand Generation Isn't Returning the Results You Expect
MarketingProfs DNA | Demand aligns marketing and sales with a scientific understanding of why buyers purchase, and what content should be delivered when, to create the perfect pipeline. This engagement develops your automation journey map, content plan, and bespoke content templates (or content that we create) to lift your conversations and conversions. We can assist you, or we can implement strategy, content, and marketing automation for you.

If You Aren't Seeing the ROI You Expected
MarketingProfs DNA | Analytics sets up your Google analytics foundation and then answers your complex questions around marketing effectiveness. We can even predict the future with AI. Get unstuck.

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