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Wednesday, April 07, 2021

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1/ 3 Ways to Optimize Your B2B Direct Marketing Program in 2021

2/ 8 Ad Tech Innovators' Hopes and Expectations for 2021

3/ How to Use Webinars to Create Engaging & Profitable Events sponsored

4/ 24 Popular Gifts That B2B Firms Sent to Customers in 2020

5/ Checklist for Seamless Marketing-Sales Communication sponsored

6/ Customers' Habits and Preferences Have Shifted: Now What? sponsored

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Three Ways to Optimize Your B2B Direct Marketing Program in 2021
MarketingProfs article
Three Ways to Optimize Your B2B Direct Marketing Program in 2021
Is your direct marketing strategy still effective? The events of 2020 have likely prompted you to begin re-evaluating it. As you do that, keep in mind these three tactics for optimizing your direct marketing. »
Your Customers' Habits and Preferences Have Shifted: Now What?
As marketing and advertising begin to rebound, brands need to be smart about their strategies and tactics to reach audiences whose habits and preferences have shifted. To discover future-forward strategies for brands of all sizes, download Nielsen's latest Annual Marketing Report: Era of Adaptation. »
Eight Ad Tech Innovators' Hopes and Expectations for 2021
MarketingProfs article
Eight Ad Tech Innovators' Hopes and Expectations for 2021
The death of the third-party cookie is looming, and the ad tech experts interviewed here are focused on data and privacy issues for 2021, as well as multichannel and cross-format advertising. Read what they had to say. »
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How to Use Webinars to Create Engaging and Profitable Virtual Events
We marketers now have a chance to rebuild our event-marketing strategies to prepare for the hybrid, physical/digital post-pandemic future. That includes smaller and local events, like seminars and roadshows. Register now for a ton of tips and best-practices on how to create engaging and profitable virtual events. »
24 Popular Gifts B2B Firms Sent to Customers in 2020
Marketing research
24 Popular Gifts B2B Firms Sent to Customers in 2020
Sweet treats, tumblers, and e-commerce gift cards were among the most popular gifts B2B firms sent to buyers and customers in 2020, according to recent research from Sendoso. Check out the study findings. »
Your Checklists for Seamless Marketing and Sales Communication
Everybody knows: Marketing and Sales must collaborate. But we also know it's easier said than done: Missing assets, poor data, conflicting messaging—miscommunication often results in lost opportunities, lost revenue, infighting... For practical tips sourced from sales and marketing leaders, download these checklists. »
A Love Letter to the C-Suite (In a Language They Understand)
MarketingProfs Master Class
To be truly effective as a marketer today—to get a seat at the decision-making table—you need to tie your marketing efforts to revenue and business goals. Learn how with our new Master Class (included with a PRO membership), launching May 11.
Learn to love the numbers.
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Especially now, we marketers need to be smart about the strategies and tactics we use. Our audiences' habits, preferences, and behaviors have shifted during the pandemic—sometimes in fundamental ways. So, how can we deal with that challenge? Because, clearly, there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach for engaging with those customers and consumers. Thankfully, this year's Nielsen Annual Marketing Report equips marketers and brands—big and small and in various industries—with marketing and advertising strategies to meet the pressure to drive ROI. Download the report for some very smart ideas.
Afoot in the Neighborhood
MarketingProfs community goings-on
Yet another MarketingProfs Master Class! Starting May 11, 13 bite-sized lessons will help you develop the financial acumen and measurement skills needed to make smarter marketing decisions, impress your CFO and management team, and prove your value. Reserve your spot.
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Whether you're planning content, advertising, webinars, or all the other ways to generate leads for your sales team, it pays to plan ahead. Budgets are tight, so you gotta be efficient and do the job right the first time. Download our best-practices guide for busy marketers to learn how to focus your email copy and design to maximize engagement, create a good landing page for a digital ad, make your content syndication irresistible, follow up with webinar leads, and more!
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