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Thursday, May 27, 2021

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1. Goodbye Universal Analytics, Hello Google Analytics 4

2. Influencer Marketing and Building Customer Relationships: Ursula Ringham on Marketing Smarts

3. Content That Ranks High—the Michael Scott Way ('Be Feared and Loved') sponsored webinar

4. The Power of Writing Your Story

5. Get Your Team on the Same Page PRO Team Membership

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Goodbye Universal Analytics, Hello Google Analytics 4
MarketingProfs article
Goodbye Universal Analytics, Hello Google Analytics 4
Differences abound between Google's Universal Analytics and the recently announced Google Analytics 4. How can marketers make the best use of the new version to inform their decisions? Find out here. »
Influencer Marketing and Building Customer Relationships: Ursula Ringham on Marketing Smarts
Influencer Marketing and Building Customer Relationships: Ursula Ringham on Marketing Smarts
Ursula Ringham, head of global influencer marketing for SAP, joins us to talk about influencer marketing, building communities, and going to college for 30 years. Read more and listen in on this fascinating conversation. »
sponsored webinar
Content That Ranks High - the Michael Scott Way ('Be Feared and Loved')
Are you frustrated by how your brand's content is (or isn't) performing in search results? If so, it's probably time to refresh your strategy. Learn how to ensure your content consistently ranks high and earns backlinks (all through the lens of "The Office"). Sign up now for this free webinar. »
The Power of Writing Your Story
The Power of Writing Your Story
Writing about your experiences and aspirations can have a wide range of personal and professional benefits. This infographic from Opyrus explores the power of personal storytelling and how it helps both mental and physical health. Check out the infographic. »
Get Your Team on the Same Page
PRO Team Membership
Marketing has changed rapidly over the past year plus+ and many teams have been left feeling overwhelmed and disconnected. Get them all on the same page with a membership to PRO.
Learn more.
Afoot in the Neighborhood
MarketingProfs community goings-on
Our just-launched MarketingProfs Master Class consists of 13 bite-sized lessons to help you develop the financial acumen and measurement skills that you need to make smarter marketing decisions, impress your CFO and management team, and prove your value. Check it out!
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