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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

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1. It's 2022: Do You Know Where Your Sales Reps Are?

2. The Average CMO Tenure at Major Brands

3. Lead Generation Tactics Learned From 500+ Website Redesigns MarketingProfs Friday Forum

4. An 11-Step Plan for Improving Your SEO Strategy

5. Make Your Impact This Thursday MarketingProfs Working Webinar Series

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It's 2022: Do You Know Where Your Sales Reps Are?
It's 2022: Do You Know Where Your Sales Reps Are?
Digital transformation doesn't have to turn your sales reps into disembodied Internet heads. B2B buyers have become more self-serve, yes; but it's still advantageous for them to work with seller expertise, even post-pandemic. »
Why Connected TV Is Being Seen as a Net-New Channel for B2B Leads
CTV is changing how B2B marketers look at TV. Its ability to target third-party B2B audiences, retarget website visitors, and reach ABM leads via audience matching has made TV a viable option for B2B campaigns. Discover how it works. »
The Average CMO Tenure at Major Brands
The Average CMO Tenure at Major Brands
The average tenure of chief marketing officers at large US advertisers is only 3 years and 4 months, according to recent research. Check out the study findings. »
MarketingProfs Friday Forum
Lead Generation Tactics Learned From 500+ Website Redesigns
Click! You have a new visitor. But what happens next? Do they bounce, or smile and stay? Join Andy Crestodina for his Friday Forum session on best-practices for B2B lead generation websites, along with two more awesome presentations on improving your lead gen! »
An 11-Step Plan for Improving Your SEO Strategy
An 11-Step Plan for Improving Your SEO Strategy
This infographic from Semrush presents an 11-step plan to better compete for top rankings in search engines. Check out the infographic. »
Make Your Impact This Thursday
MarketingProfs Working Webinar Series
Make an impact on the sales process and make your content creation easier with Pam Didner's Sales Enablement Working Webinar Series! You'll walk away with a step-by-step plan on how to align your marketing and sales teams, resulting in easier content and more conversions. Session 1 starts Thursday at 12 noon ET. Register now for all four interactive sessions. Another PRO Exclusive!
Align your sales and marketing
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The world of television advertising hasn't traditionally been a B2B space. If you think of your favorite TV ad jingle, chances are it's for a consumer-focused product: lunch meat, pet food, car insurance. That's because linear TV lacks the kind of audience targeting necessary for B2B campaigns. But that's all changed with Connected TV, which offers B2B marketers precision targeting and real-time measurement. And it's not just for top-of-funnel prospects, either: you can reach the full funnel on a TV screen. Third-party targeting allows B2B marketers to reach their target audience by job title or industry, whereas retargeting capabilities allow them to message previous website visitors. That makes Connected TV an essential demand gen tool that encourages users to spend more time on-site, and it also creates more high-quality B2B marketing leads. One B2B brand witnessed the effect of Connected TV and MNTN performance firsthand. Check out their case study, B2B Brand's New Lease on Advertising Increases Time Spent on Site, to learn how the brand achieved a 25.5% visit rate and under-target cost per acquisition. It might even inspire you to write a B2B marketing melody. Imagine that!
Afoot in the Neighborhood
MarketingProfs community goings-on
A new Working Webinar Series approaches! Pam Didner, Sales Enablement consultant and bestselling author of Effective Sales Enablement, launches her all new hands-on series on June 9 with Aligning Marketing and Sales.
Our suite of B2B consulting and content services that we call MarketingProfs DNA (Defensible Net Advantage) is especially designed for marketers who have important work to do but don't have the time or team to ensure success. If you need help with Market ResearchBranding, Analytics, Positioning & Messaging, Customer Experience, or Demand Generation, see how MarketingProfs can help you.
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A series of three MarketingProfs e-books and guides can help with three of today's key marketing responsibilities: (1) Positioning (2) Customer Experience (CX) and (3) Demand Generation. Check out all three for tips and advice to improve Marketing's performance and contribution to your business's bottom line.
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