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Kenda Macdonald, the Demand Generation Consulting Practice Lead at MarketingProfs, took the stage at the Forrester B2B Summit in Austin in early May 2022 to deliver an information-packed presentation on how marketers can dramatically increase the efficacy of their lead gen efforts by using principles of neuroscience.

The 20-minute presentation (video below) was followed by a lively discussion, prompting one CMO in attendance to say it was the best session he'd attended so far at the conference.

Macdonald, who majored in forensic psychology and worked in marketing automation, noticed early on in her career that marketers weren't designing customer journeys based on human behavior. She went on to do something about that.

She is the author of the best-selling book Hack the Buyer Brain and the founder of the world's only behavioral marketing automation agency. She has combined her proficiency in both psychology and marketing to create a framework for demand generation that gets better results.

Check out her talk at the Forrester conference:


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